What to look for in the Production Manager Company Focus Packet

What to look for in the Company Focus Packet

Things to look for when reviewing a Production Manager Metric and Survey

The purpose of the metric and survey is to give everyone information that may not otherwise come up in discussion. The intention is to use this info to dig a little deeper into what is going on in that company to provide help. These are few questions you can ask as you review the documentation that you receive from other Production Managers in your group.

  1. Are jobs being produced at the GP estimated?
  2. Does sales hit the estimated GP needed by the company on the average?
  3. Is there a trend for a Lead Carpenter or Project Manager that would indicate some need for intervention?
  4. Is there a trend for GP based on job size?
    1. Is there a difference in success meeting GP based on job size?
    2. If so, are there other indicators that may tell you why?
  5. Is there any indicator or success with GP based on type of project?
  6. As a general rule how does the production department do on meeting the schedule of jobs?
  7. Is customer satisfaction successful?
  8. Are there any indications that this production manager is covering for others by doing their work for them and not managing them to do their own work?
  9. Is the office time vs. field time appropriate?
  10. Do they spend too much time in meetings or not enough?
    1. If not enough, what meeting may help them solve other issues you see?
    2. If too much, what can be illuminated?
  11. Are they working too many hours and if so what could they do to help that?
  12. What are some things you have done or are doing that may help this Production Manager?