Production Manager Metric Spreadsheet Instructions

PMRT Metric Spreadsheet Instructions

Instructions for completing Production Manager Roundtables Metric Spreadsheet:

Spring 2022 Metrics Spreadsheet

Metrics Spreadsheet – Expanded Employee List

  1. All yellow highlighted cells are to be completed. If you only have 5 jobs, only complete 5 rows.
  2. Be sure you can see all columns
    1. Employee List tab uses A – K
    2. Data Tab uses A – AF
  3. Complete Employee List Tab First
    1. If you have more Employees than will fit on the Employee List Tab, use the Expanded Version of the file
  4. Begin to enter data from Cell A4 (See below for more detailed information)
    1. Cell A4 is the last day the report is for (Example Dec 31, 2021)
    2. Cell B8 is your company’s Projected GP % for the year
    3. Cell A11 starts the data entry for each job.
    4. Include all jobs completed and started as per the instructions in cell A6. (If you do more than 35 jobs during that time the lower section can be expanded to accommodate up to 153. If you do small jobs as well as big jobs, you may want to decide a cut off dollar amount such as everything over $5000.)

Columns from the body of the Metrics Spreadsheet (starting at A11):



Column Number Corresponding Column on WIP Report Name of Column Data Required Notes
A     Enter client’s name
B 1 1 Original Contracted Price Enter Original contract price
C 2 2 Change Order Contracted Price Sell Price total of all Change Orders for the job.
D 3 3 Current Contract Price Calculated Adds the Change Order Price to the Original Contracted Price
E 4 4 Original Job Cost Budget  


Original Job Cost Budget
F 5 5 Estimated Cost of Change Orders Enter the estimated cost of the changes orders
G 6 6 Current Job Cost Budget Calculated Adds the Change order cost to the original estimated cost
H 7 7 Actual Job Cost to Date Enter to Total Job Costs from your Accounting Software
I 8 8 Remaining Job Cost Budget Calculated Calculates what is left of the Job Cost Budget
J 9 9 Estimated Cost to Complete Enter the $$ that it will take to complete this job
K 10 10 Best Estimate of Final Job Cost Calculated Adds Column 7 to Column 9 (Total Cost to Date PLUS Estimated Cost to Complete)
L 11 11 Original Estimated Gross Profit Calculated Gross Profit % of original estimate
M 12 12 Estimated Change Order Gross Profit Calculated Gross Profit % of Change Orders
N 13 13 Estimated Final Gross Profit Calculated Calculates Gross Profit % of entire order
O 14 18 Percent Complete Calculated Calculates what percentage of the job is complete
P 15 17 % of Job Cost (Slip) Improvement Calculated Calculates current % of Slippage/Grippage on the job
Q 16 Actual Dollars (Slip) Improvement Calculated Calculates the Dollars lost or gained so far due to Slippage/Grippage
R 17 Est Schedule Duration in Working Days (including Change Orders) # of Days originally estimated to complete job (include Change Orders)
S 18 Act Schedule Duration in Working Days Total # of Days it actually takes to complete job
T 19 Actual Days (Slip) Impr Calculated Calculates the Number of days gained or lost due to Slippage/Grippage
U 20 Actual Days % of Estimated Calculated Calculates the % of days used of the original Estimate
V 21 Lead Carpenter Choose Lead Carpenter from Drop Down Indicated Lead Carpenter for this job
W 22 Project Manager Choose Project Manager from Drop Down Indicate Project Manager for this job
X 23 Salesperson Choose Salesperson from Drop Down Indicate Salesperson for this job
Y 24 Customer Satisfaction Index % Type in % (1 to 100) of what you believe the client’s satisfaction level is for this job