Production Manager Commitment to the Group

Production Manager Commitment to the Group

Your Commitment as a Member of the Production Managers Roundtables Group

As a member of the Production Managers Roundtables Group, you are making a commitment to yourself, to the owner of the business for which you work, and also to your peers. This program relies on each member doing their part to provide value to the group. Every person in this group brings a unique perspective and set of experiences to the table. It’s the combination of all that makes this program so effective. While the time commitment is modest, the returns you can achieve are significant. . . but only if you participate fully and meet your membership commitments.

Below are details of your part in building a powerful and successful group exclusively for smart and savvy Production Managers.

  1. Prior to Meeting
    1. Complete all forms on web site and submit by deadline. Deadline will be posted on the Remodelers Advantage website on the Production Manager Roundtables Page.
    2. Reserve your hotel room.
    3. Make travel arrangements. Remember, as a member you are committing to arriving on time and staying until the end of the meeting.
    4. Review/study the information provided by other Roundtables Group members
      1. Note questions, concerns, thoughts, etc
    5. Prepare thoroughly for your time away from the office so that phone calls during meeting breaks will be limited.
  2. At the meeting
    1. Come prepared to participate in all formal and informal meetings. Often, as much value is gained during meals and informal networking time as during the meeting itself.
    2. Each company will receive Company Focus Time. This is your opportunity to receive specific, focused comments on your challenges and opportunities. Your goal is to present information clearly and succinctly so that your peers understand your situation as quickly as possible. During this time, rebuttals (Ex. We tried that and it didn’t work. That’s a dumb idea.) are not useful. Instead, listen with an open mind, learn from other’s experiences, and then, use what will work for you, your department and your company.
    3. During your company focus time, we will provide you with a guide that you may review to use your time effectively.
      1. Start with no more than 10 minutes to:
        1. Overview of the company and your department.
        2. Your biggest challenges.
        3. How your peers can help you with a specific issue(s).
      2. Bulk of your time:
        1. Clarifying questions and comments from your fellow members.
        2. Discussion about the performance metrics captured on the Company Focus Form.
      3. End with no more than 5 minutes of committing to:
        1. Commitments
          1. Be ready to make three commitments to be completed in the next 6 months.
        2. In between meetings.
          1. Once a month, you will join a small group of your peers for a MicroBoard conference call lasting approximately 1 hour. Your MicroBoard will be scheduled before you leave your meeting.
            1. Use this time to follow up on commitments, or deal with new issues.



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