Marketing Pros Company Focus Form Prep

Marketing Pros Roundtables Group: Pre-Meeting Preparation

The Meetings are almost here! There are a few things to do in preparation:


Performance Metrics

Two items need to be completed for the meeting:

1. Marketing Pros Company Focus Data Input Form

2. Member Ignite Presentation:

Mimosa – Member Update Ignite Presentation
Morpheus – Member Update Ignite Presentation

Meeting Agenda:

Welcome, Introductions and the ONE BIG THING you want from this meeting.

Member Update Ignite Presentations

  • One representative from each company will give an “Ignite” PowerPoint driven presentation. For those not familiar, Ignite means the slides will auto-advance every 3 minutes. This helps keep the timing on track and adds a little challenge and entertainment. The template you must use is attached. It will take you exactly 12 minutes to present, followed by a 15-minute group feedback discussion.


Idea Factory

  • Each member has a max of 5 minutes (using a timer so when time is up, the presentation is up) to present one great idea that they have seen, are using, or are thinking about trying. The presentation can be as simple as just standing up and talking about it, or as complex as using PowerPoints, props, and online demos.
  • At the end of all of the presentations everyone votes and the top three ‘vote getters’ win the money. Splitting the pot up like this. 1st place – 50%, 2nd place – 30%, 3rd place – 20%
  • Remember to bring $20 to participate.
  • Why the money? We’ve tried it without cash prizes (cause we’re marketers and we’re always testing, right?) and we’ve found that the groups with prize money have much more competition and generate the best ideas. Plus, it adds to the excitement!


Group Discussion Parking Lot via Conferences IO.

  • The best part of this new format is that we can dedicate 4+ hours to open masterminds discussion. We’re going to use an online platform that allows everyone to add topics throughout the meeting and electronically vote up discussion points. It a powerful tool.
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