Addendum – when changes are made to your Additional Documents or CFDIF for your meeting, Remodelers Advantage will upload it to your Dashboard as an Addendum, which lets the group know that changes have been made or new information has been provided.


Additional Documents – information that is submitted outside of the CFDIF for your Roundtables Meeting; includes a Company Summary Letter, Org Chart, Balance Sheet, P&L, Budget, and WIP. These are then included in your Company Focus Packet.


Best Practices – the tools and strategies that Remodelers Advantage promotes for successful business management and Roundtables membership. For example, maintaining a current WIP Report and monthly financial statement review are both Best Practices.


CFDIF/CoFo – this term refers to the Company Focus Data Input Form. You will hear both terms used to refer to the same thing, which is the survey of financial information we ask you to submit for each meeting you attend. This is included in your Company Focus Packet.


Commitments – succinct, exacting, measurable goals or tasks you set for yourself and your company at your Roundtables Meetings. You are accountable to your group for completing, or requesting extensions for, these commitments prior to your next meeting.


Company Focus Packet – compiled by Remodelers Advantage for each meeting season, using your submitted CFDIF and Additional Documents. Each individual Company Focus Packet is uploaded to your Dashboard, along with a single packet that includes all the individual Company Focus Packets. You can print or view this packet for your Roundtables meeting.


Dashboard – this is where all your group and meeting information can be found, at the address  May also be referred to as “your WeAreRoundtables page”.


DiSC – a method of assessing how we like to give and receive information and is a universal language for categorizing observable behavior of normal people. It defines our manner of doing things and how we act. Remodelers Advantage is a DiSC Consultant and offers a variety of report options for your business needs.


Dutch Treat Dinner – a dinner on the arrival night of your meeting, organized by one member of your group, where each attendee pays for their own meal.


Gaggle – a distribution group email that reaches ONLY your group members and Remodelers Advantage staff. You can send an email to your group by entering in the address line or clicking “Email My Group” on your Dashboard.


Facilitator – a person who leads your Roundtables meeting, while also offering advice and feedback based on your Company Focus information.


Hotel Room Block – Remodelers Advantage contracts with hotels for your Roundtables meetings to provide the best rates to all members and the community as a whole. It is important to book within our block to ensure we can keep passing on savings and benefits we receive from the hotels to you as the member, such as lower dues rates.


IMPACT Award – The IMPACT Award is an award given to one Roundtables member by Remodelers Advantage during Summit who has stood out during their meetings over the last two seasons. The winner is selected by a panel of judges within the Remodelers Advantage staff and Facilitators.


JumpStart! – Your orientation meeting with Remodelers Advantage. You and other new members meet in Baltimore for a day and a half introduction to Roundtables, Remodelers Advantage, and our Best Practices. No company financial information is collected or shared for this meeting.


Microboards – small groups within your Roundtables group that have monthly phone calls to discuss the progress of commitments and to have discussions based on current issues that have come up since your last meeting. You are assigned to a Microboard at your Roundtable meetings.


MVP – at the end of your Roundtables meeting, your group votes on the MVP; someone who contributed a lot to the group that meeting, who had the best jokes, etc. Someone who stood out. This person is then eligible for the IMPACT Award that is presented at the Awards Gala during Summit.


Register for Meetings – you will need to register for each Roundtables meeting you are attending, and each member of your company who is attending needs to register separately. This is completed through your Dashboard -> Meeting Details page. If you are not attending a meeting, you must notify Remodelers Advantage and your group that you are not attending.


Remodelers Summit/Summit – Our annual conference that focuses on business improvement around a central theme. The Summit includes member-only events, networking opportunities with other members of our Remodelers Advantage Roundtables, and education for your entire team.


University/uPro/Resource Library – this is the Remodelers University found at or through the “Visit Remodelers University” link on your Dashboard. All of our resources, downloads, white pages, and video archives can be found here, and requires a membership with us to access.


WIP – Simply, “Work In Progress” report. Used as part of % Complete Accounting to accurately compute your true earned income.