The Key Ingredient for a Powerful Roundtables Group

There are two different kinds of accountability:

1. Holding each other accountable to reach commitments and goals. I swear, 99% of the time, when we ask a new member why they join, they say, “Because I want to be with a group of remodelers who will help me be accountable!” The people who join us WANT to have that other party to report to. . .and they WANT to be pushed by the group to take action . . . and for there to be consequences if they don’t. Providing this is an important part of your role as a member.

2. Being accountable to the group. Each member makes a commitment to be fully committed and engaged in the process. Your active, disciplined participation is a key to making this whole thing work. If you blow off your commitments to the group, it helps breed a culture of ambivalence and mediocrity. No one wants that! So, being accountable to the group means preparing for your meetings, being ready to dive into tough discussions, being part of your microboard call every time, submitting completed materials by the deadline for every meeting, and meeting your commitments.

Just a reminder that we all depend on one another to give us the value we each need for fantastic results. We know that the groups that are really outperforming the others definitely have this discipline.