Upload and Manage Your Additional Documents

Preparing Your Additional Documents For Your Roundtables Meeting.

Step 1. Create your Additional Documents Package

A “Package” is a folder that will house your uploaded files. Create your Package before moving to another page – you will not be directed to this page again.

  • Click the box “Enter Title Here.” The “Title” will be your package name.
    • Please include your Company Name in the title.
    • We recommend this naming format: [My Company Name] [Meeting Season and Year]. (Example: TLD Design Spring 2018)

Step 2. Upload Your Additional Documents Files DEADLINE: August 23, 2019

  • After typing your package name, you may begin uploading your files using the right sidebar.
    • You may drag-and-drop or browse your computer to locate the specific file you wish to upload.
    • Please include your company name when naming individual files. (Example: TLD Design Spring 2018 WIP)
    • If you need to rename your file, you must rename before uploading your document.
    • You may upload some files now and return later to finish, if you wish.
  • Once you have completed uploading files, click SUBMIT.
  • To edit or overwrite a file, click the pencil icon located to the right of that file.
  • To delete a file, click the X to the right of that file
  • When you have completed uploading all of your documents for the Season, click on the red link in the instructions that says “All Done!”. This will let WHQ know that you have completed your file upload for the season and it is ready to be turned into a single PDF.

Step 3. Review Your Files

  • To make sure that everything uploaded correctly, you may view your Company Focus Package by returning to My Dashboard. Click Back to My Dashboard at the Top right of the screen.
  • Scroll down and you will see Files For Your Upcoming Meeting. Your files as well as those of your peers will be located here.
  • You may review all of the Company Packages and individual files here.
  • Alternatively, wait until 12 days prior to your meeting, at which time we will have combined all of the materials into a PDF document for each company – an easy-to-print PDF document which you can also view on your digital device.



  • File names should ALWAYS include your company name, season, year and file name. (Example: TLD Design Spring 2018 WIP)
  • Uploaded files appear in the  Files For Your Upcoming Meeting Section of “My Dashboard”.
  • To add/edit/overwrite files that have been uploaded, click the pencil action icon for that file, or click the Package Title.
  • If your files do not appear in the Files For Your Upcoming Meeting Section of “My Dashboard”, it may have been saved as a draft. Re-open the Package under “Upload My Files” and ensure that the “Save as Draft” box is unselected (no check mark). Click “Update” and your documents should appear on the Dashboard.
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